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Junior Patrol Candidate Information

Thank you for your interest in the Spirit Mountain Junior Ski Patrol Program.

The Junior Patrol Program is a great way for youth to get involved in the ski community, volunteer their time, and gain experience by taking part in a professional ski patrol organization.

The Junior Patrol members assist our official patrol with maintaining safety at scenes, directing traffic, carrying equipment, repacking toboggan bags, and bringing needed equipment to and from scenes. They spend much of their time on the hills and around the chalet watching for safety concerns and providing guidance to skiers, boarders, and other guests of Spirit Mountain.

Our Junior Patrol members do not perform direct medical care on patients or handle toboggans with patients at any time. However, during their time in Junior Patrol, they will assist our regular patrol and be involved in many aspects of ski patrolling. This will give them valuable experience that will help them if they choose to go on to adult ski patrolling once they turn 18.

The Junior Patrol is currently accepting applications for the upcoming ski season. Responsible candidates between the ages of 14 and 18 years old are encouraged to apply. Candidates will be required to attend training sessions throughout their first year and will be assigned a scheduled shift. Skiing and/or snowboarding experience and your own personal equipment are required. Good customer service and communications skills are very helpful. Junior Patrol jackets will be provided for use.


Fill out our contact information for an application!

There are many great benefits to becoming a Junior Patrol member. If you have any questions or require more information, please feel free to contact our Junior Patrol Advisor.

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